Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We are moving to Prague!!!!

It is OFFICIAL! Stu and I are moving to Prague this March!

How did this come about you ask?

A of couple weeks ago while Stu was on jury duty he met a guy who worked all over the world as a whitewater rafting tour guide. Stu called me, excited, right after he had met him. "That's what we should do! We find a way that we can work and travel at the same time."

For some time we have been fed up with our job situations. Stu has been working at the same company for the past three years since he graduated from college. I have been living at home with my parents, in and out of crappy jobs since I graduated from college almost two years ago. We are both are ready for something new, challenging, and exciting.

We had talked about different ideas before such as using all of his savings to travel the world, and then decided that probably wasn't the best idea. Then I had planned on going back to school for Occupational Therapy because I couldn't get a decent job with a marketing degree. We both talked about getting out of Boise and going somewhere else, but we didn't really know what to do or know how to do it.

So after talking about it some more and doing research on different ways to work abroad we decided that we are going to teach English abroad!

 English teachers are in high demand and all you need to have is a bachelor's degree and a TEFL certification. So to get our TEFL certifications we will be going through a program in Prague that is respectfully named TEFL Worldwide Prague. After reading testimonials, blogs, message boards, and reviews, we found that TEFL Worldwide Prague seems to be best one out there. The program is four weeks long and is supposedly very intense and challengingly... but once we are done we will know how to teach English AND be able to teach English virtually anywhere in the world!

Prague (Praha in Czech) is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. It is one of the only cities standing today not to be bombed during WWII. All of the buildings and everything that stands today has been around since the 15th century. We can't believe that we are going to live there together!

More than likely, we will not stay in Prague after the course, although we plan to still in the Czech Republic since it is so centrally located and much more inexpensive than other European countries. Our goal is to find teaching jobs within smaller cities of the C.R. One of the cities we have researched is Brno (pronounced Bur-no), the second largest city, located in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic.

We feel this is the best time to do this while we are still young with nothing holding us back. We are so excited for the journey we are about to embark on! We can't wait! It will definitely be challenging but with challenge comes reward. I hope to develop my self-confidence and find my true passion in life. Who knows, I may love teaching and make that my career! or we may love Europe so much that we may never come back! We can only embrace what's to come... :)

Na shledanou!
(See you later! in Czech)

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