Monday, August 9, 2010

Sabotaging Happiness

Why do we sabotage our own happiness? There are so many times that I have worked so hard for something, only to give up on achieving that goal or vision, in turn sabotaging my own happiness. This has been a constant theme in my life and I want to conquer this.  

I am ready to live healthfully, mindfully, and happily. This blog is to help me live mindfully without sabotaging my happiness...

I want to start achieving the goals I set for myself. I want to stop giving up when times are tough. I want to push through things and show myself and others that I can achieve anything and be successful. I want to inspire others with my success. I want to be a role model and act on what I believe in, not giving in to peer pressure and external influences. For example, tonight I ate three pieces of pizza and chex mix even though I was not hungry at all. I let myself go and didn't listen to my body. My emotions said "eat the pizza! it will make you feel good!" and my body said "don't eat, you're not hungry!" I need to "feel" my body and learn to take cues from it. 

If my body does not feel hungry than I should not eat. My mind/emotions are the real ones that needed fed by something other than food. I think by listening to my body it will make my mind stronger. I just need to listen to my body and not my mind. Take a moment. Write down my feelings. A breather... Relax. I turn to food when I am anxious - mostly bored, need to get out of house, go for a walk, bike ride, something is irritating me. Mostly, I am very easily influenced and just need to say no when I am around food that I know I should not eat.

I will not sabotage my own happiness by being mindless in my thoughts and actions. ~ Me

So here goes... Tomorrow I start blogging/taking pictures of what I eat. Tomorrow I will begin living mindfully in all areas of my life.

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